In line with the requirements of its customers, the valves specified below are produced for different applications with years of experience and continuous improvement activities.

  • Ductile casting lightweight construction
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • High security
  • Superfine production
  • 100% tested and quality controlled products
  • Easy operation
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • 100% sealing
  • Low pressure loss
  • Long service life

Butterfly valves are designed for many areas such as power plants, water supply facilities, treatment facilities and the chemical industry in order to cut off, throttle or regulate the flow.

Elastomer Seated Gate Valves are valves that are generally used for cuting off the lines and release valves. Although there is no shutter housing in the body, they provide full sealing thanks to their fully EPDM rubber coated flaps.

Dismantling Joint

Expansion Joint

Surface Box Set



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