Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings

At LEMEX INTERNATIONAL AG, we proudly specialize in the supply of ductile iron pipes, renowned for their strength, durability, and versatility. Our ductile iron pipes are engineered to provide optimal performance in a variety of environments, ensuring reliable service for water supply, sewage, and industrial applications. With an exceptional resistance to corrosion and an ability to withstand high pressures, these pipes are designed for long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to quality and sustainability makes us a trusted partner in infrastructure development, helping communities build a robust and sustainable future.

The ductile iron material features similar mechanical properties with carbon steel..

These pipes are the pipes used in wastewater lines and are produced in accordance with EN 598 standard. High alumina cement mortar..

The complex soil corrosion requires higher external corrosion resistance of pipelines ..

Fittings between DN80-DN2600 diameters are produced to be used in different connection options (flanged, socket, mechanic) and in different..


Specifications Details
Type The T-type Joint Pipe (Push-on), The K-type Joint Pipe, The Self-Restrained Joint Pipes
Standard ISO2531, EN545, EN598, GOST5525
Size DN80~2600mm
Material Ductile Cast Iron
Pressure 50Bar-10Bar
Wall Thickness Class K9, K8, C40/C30/C25
Length 6m for bulk vessel and 5.7m for containers
Application Water supply project, drainage, sewage, irrigation, water pipeline
Certificate ISO9001, BV, WRAS, SGS
Internal Coating a). Portland cement mortar lining
b). Sulphate Resistant cement mortar lining
c). High-Aluminum cement mortar lining
d). Fusion bonded epoxy coating
e). Black bitumen painting or epoxy painting
f). Other special requirement like PU Lining
External Coating a). Zinc + bitumen painting
b). Fusion bonded epoxy coating
c). Zinc-aluminum alloy + liquid epoxy painting
d). Other special requirement like PU coating
Packing Bundles for small size‚ȧDN300; in bulk for bigger size>DN300



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