Elastomer Seated Gate Valve

  • 100% two-sided sealing with the rubber coated flap,
  • Maintenance free long life cycle,
  • Low pressure loss,
  • Ease of open-close applications due to low torque value,
  • Possibility to change o-rings under pressure without removing valve from the pipeline. ,
  • Short, long and BS applicable valve dimensions for different applications,
  • ┬áBell-and-spigot joint types available for ductile iron pipe and PVC pipe.


Elastomer Seated Gate Valves are valves that are generally used for cuting off the lines and release valves. Although there is no shutter housing in the body, they provide full sealing thanks to their fully EPDM rubber coated flaps.

Production is available in PN10, PN16 and PN25 pressure classes, in valve sizes in accordance with DIN 3202 F4 / F5 and BS5163. It is recommended to use Metal Seated Gate valves in higher pressure classes and fluid temperatures exceeding 700C.

While it can be used manually operated with a flywheel, there are also control options with actuator, rising stem, extension shaft and valve box set.

All paint and gasket materials of the Elastomer Seated Gate valve contacting with water have a WRAS certificate of conformity with drinking water.


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