Butterfly Valve

  • Double flange and double eccentricity design,
  • Lightweight construction ductile iron casting,
  • Maintenance free long life cycle,
  • Special hydraulic profile with low pressure loss,
  • Due to low torque value, ease of open-close applications,
  • 100% double-way sealing,
  • Stainless steel sealing surface preventing gasket from sticking to the surface and protection against corrosion by cavitation,
  • ┬áMaintenance-free auto-blocking helical-worm gear box (with mechanical indicator),
  • Possibility of adjusting torque value and number of cycle with additional gearboxes according to the valve dimension and pressure class,
  • Possibility to repair


Butterfly valves are designed for many areas such as power plants, water supply facilities, treatment facilities and the chemical industry in order to cut off, throttle or regulate the flow.

SMS butterfly valves are designed according to EN 593 (DIN 3354) standard.

Valve sizes are appropriate to EN 558 series 14 (DIN 3202 F4) or EN 558 series 13 (BS 5155 short stem) or AWWA C504 short stem.

Flanges are according to EN 1092-2 (DIN 2501) and BS 4504 (ANSI) (AWWA) standards.

Valves are tested in accordance with EN 1074-1, EN 1074-2 and EN 12266-1, EN 12266-2.

Paint and gaskets of SMS butterfly valves on the parts that contact with water have been approved by the internationally recognized British WRAS institution to comply with the “Regulation Concerning Water Intended for Human Consumption”.


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