Split type pumps (SP) are horizontal spindle (shaft) , split body, double suction, single or multistage, radial flow pumps with or without diffuser, For customary applications and orders, it can be manufactured with vertical shaft and dual volute for high pressures.


  • High ability of suction with double suction fan design,
  • Long life of bearings due to the axial loads balancing each other,
  • Short maintenance time by removing only the cover rather than removing the pump from the pipeline,
  • Silent operation,
  • Double volute design for the use of low radial forces, which are higher than 100 mSS manometric head.
  • ¬†Possibility to be coupled to both sides of the engine,
  • Comfortable operation due to the perfect design and modeling of the body and impeller and high efficiency and long life thanks to the low radial loads.
  • Availability for vertical and horizontal installation.



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