LEMEX INTERNATIONAL AG (LIA) has always been a leading company either in the development of new products or in the production of system-based projects with its experience.

Engineering and R&D (Research-Development) departments have being constantly renewed with computer assisted design and manufacturing software by following the innovations in technology and application. In LEMEX INTERNATIONAL AG , which has the most advanced hydrostatic performance and test laboratories in its sector in SWITZERLAND , new product design and development are carried out in a short time.

LIA produces complete solutions for water supply and transmission projects of all scales with its experienced engineers and expert staff. SMS carries out the project design works of turnkey-type projects with its experienced team.


Due to losses in transmission lines and storage facilities that are not built in appropriate conditions, a significant part of the water mixes with soil before reaching to the user. This situation causes the disappearance of water, which is already a scarce resource, without being used properly, causes the resources of countries to be wasted as well. It is a fact that if water resources are managed well and losses in transmission and storage facilities are minimized, the water possessed would meet the need.

On the purpose of not losing even a drop of water, it has been considered necessary to use our experience in this field as well in order to eliminate the deficiencies observed during the application phase.

LEMEX INTERNATIONAL AG (LIA) has been in contact with its customers not only during the product development and sales stages, during the installation and commissioning of the products as well. Necessary product support is provided to the customers by experienced supervisors and erecting crew.

LIA  guarantees the installation of the quality product with the proper workmanship and applications, and the long term and trouble-free us


LEMEX INTERNATIONAL AG (LIA) has made its investments by giving the necessary importance to service and maintenance. Experienced service and maintenance teams kept ready to intervene as soon as possible for problems that may occur in practice and during the works. LM products have superior quality standards and traceability criteria.

The use of original spare parts and the easy replacement and renewability features of the products minimize the downtime and maintenance times in the systems and provide a basis to safe and efficient operation. It is important to perform periodic maintenance at certain intervals in order to get full efficiency from the products and to have a long life.



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